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Mineral: quartz
Gem: berber agate (cryptocrystalline)
Size: 21x35 mm & 19x29 mm
Carat: 29.8 ct & 23.5 ct
Cut: cabochon
Origin: Morocco
General Info: Agate (achates) was named from the river Achates, now the Drillo, in Sicily, where the stone was first identified. It is cryptocrystalline quartz (micro crystals) usually with a banded pattern (although not always).
Additional Information
Found as nodules, usually with dark skins. The agate may contain fortifications, and often has a crystallized center, sometimes open, and sometimes not. It also may contain sagenite and other rather unique embedded forms. Often the forms are red or pink.

The two cabs were cut by the author and are frames with black jade. The centers are Moroccan berber agate.