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Mineral: quartz
Gem: cathedral agate (cryptocrystalline)
Size: 25x26mm & 23x46 mm & 15x39 mm
Carat: 25 ct & 48.4 ct & 22.6 ct
Cut: cabochon
Origin: Mexico
General Info: Agate (achates) was named from the river Achates, now the Drillo, in Sicily, where the stone was first identified. It is cryptocrystalline quartz (micro crystals) usually with a banded pattern (although not always).
Additional Information
A mexican seam agate (San Carlos area) that gets its name from the spires found on top of much of the seam. The spires are often filled with red moss or plumes and the remainder of the agate my contain banding and fortifications or more moss. It has become more scarce lately. It takes a high polish.

All cabs cut by author.