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Mineral: topaz
Gem: clear topaz with rutile
Cut: various cuts
Origin: Brazil
General Info: The name Topaz is thought to be derived from the name Topazion, the old name for the island of Zebergit (St. Thomas Island) in the Red Sea. The Sanskrit word "Tapas" means "fire".
Additional Information
Several clear topaz stones with included rutile crystals. When the rutile crystals are oriented parallel to the crown (top) of the stone, they are often reflected in the pavillion facets creating mirror images. Stone 3 shows an excellent example of the doubling.

The last two photos show closeups of the rutile crystals in Stone 2. This type of secondary internal rutile entrapment is more common in quartz, but can also be seen in a few other minerals.

Stone 1
Stone 2 Stone 3 Stone 4
Closeup Stone 2 Closeup Stone 2