how to facet
gemstone main cabochon creation
mineral data
Step 5 - using the dop stick hold the stone and begin to shape the top dome using the first wheel (80 grit). When you are satisfied with eh over all shape move to the second wheel and smooth the surface as much as possible and remove the flats spots from the stone. (This photo)

Step 5 continued - Once the dome is finished on the second wheel, it needs to be looked at first in a wet state. Using the light from he lamp be certain that no flat spots remain on the top of he stone. This can be done my looking at the reflection of the light in the stone. If the reflected glare takes on a straight line border then there is still a flat on the stone. Here you can see the reflection of the light and it is generally round on the edges, hence the major flats are now gone.
Step 5 continued - You can now dry the stone and look at it from all angles it should have a flat mat finish. There should be a continuous line over all of the surface of the stone.