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Mineral: tree resin
Gem: amber
Size: 14mmx19mm & 17mmx25mm (oval)
Carat: 5.9 ct & 7.6 ct
Cut: cabochon & facet
Origin: unknown
General Info: Amber is known to mineralogists as succinite, from the Latin succinum, which means amber. Amber is a fossilized wood resin, in this case fossilized means cross linked. The word "amber" likely comes from the Arabic word, "amber", meaning ambergris.
Additional Information
These two amber cabochons contain organic debris. It is likely seed material or flakes of bark from the original conifers. The images below are further closeups of the interior materials.

Insects are often found preserved in amber as well as plant debris. Even lizards, frogs and other larger animals have been found.

The bottom faceted stone is very clean except for a couple of bubbles. It contains virtually no secondary materials.