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Mineral: topaz
Gem: straw (yellow) topaz
Cut: tear drop cut
Origin: unknown
General Info: The name Topaz is thought to be derived from the name Topazion, the old name for the island of Zebergit (St. Thomas Island) in the Red Sea. The Sanskrit word "Tapas" means "fire".
Additional Information
A straw or yellow topaz, a bit outside what I would call imperial topaz. It does not have enough color in the reddish side of the spectrum. A common color and often confused for yellow quartz (citrine). While this stone is topaz, similar quartz stones are often sold under the names: madera topaz, bahia topaz, citrine topaz, etc. The name "topaz" in this case is used to make the buyer believe that the stone has more value, and is used to "dupe" some buyers. While yellow or straw topaz does exist, "madera", "bahia", "smokey", or "citrine" used in conjunction with the name topaz usually means QUARTZ not topaz. Buyer beware!

This is a poorly cut native stone with a large fisheye.