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Mineral: synthetic - strontium titanate
Gem: fabulite
Size: 5x12 mm each
Carat: 1.9 ct each
Cut: marquis cut
Origin: lab grown
General Info: A synthetic material has roughly the same chemical and physical properties as the original. A simulant. is something that "looks like" the original, but may be very different chemically and physically.
Additional Information
Large quantities of strontium titanate were produced in the mid 50's. It was sued extensively as a diamond simulant. It was much softer and was considered very brittle (weak) but its very high dispersion (0.19) was for times that of diamond giving it enormous fire.

It was slowly replaced by YAG (Yttrium Aluminum Garnet) and eventually CZ (Cubic Zirconia). It was produced using mainly the Verneuil process with a slight modification. A third concentric tube was added to the burner providing even more oxygen. (See Verneuil process for more general info: Verneuil Process

After the crystal is produced, it requires further annealing to relieve strain and the annealing is done in an oxygen rich atmosphere to further oxidize any impurities. The crystals are dark after the initial process and clear up with the annealing.

These stones were commercially cut.

Closeup with almost straight light showing color play.