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Note the clear seed crytal in the center. This crystal was grown in Russia.
Synthetic amethyst - again see clear seed plate, and notice some surface etching of the crytal.
Mineral: synthetic - quartz
Gem: citrine - amethyst - clear - blue - green quartz
Size: see below
Carat: see below
Cut: see below
Origin: lab grown
General Info: A synthetic material has roughly the same chemical and physical properties as the original. A simulant. is something that "looks like" the original, but may be very different chemically and physically.
Additional Information
Most of the synthetic quartz is hydrothermally grown under pressure and at medium temperature. Pure silicon dioxide or crushed natural quartz can be used as a starting material.

For further information on the process and an animation see the Hydrothermal Growth Process page.

It is possible to grow quartz as citrine (yellow), amethyst (purple), ametrine (amethyst/citrine), blue quartz, and even green quartz. Smokey quartz is not grown directly, but can be created by irradiating grown crystals (synthetic amethyst is made in a similar way).

Blue quartz has no natural equivalent. I often use it to try out new cuts that are unfamiliar to me.

Synthetic green quartz as no natural equivalent although there are some green to yellow-green quartz colors that can be created by heating natural smokey quartz.

The synthetic citrine and amethyst are produced in several color variations that mimic that found in nature.

Clear synthetic quartz is grown in a variety of sizes. Some for lapidary work but much of it is used in high temperature windows and ceramics.
Here is part of a blue crystal Notice the clear seed down the middle and part of the metal that was used in the seed suspension system is still present.

Synthetic ametrine. Colorless seed is clearly visible. Apparently the citrine is grown first, then the growth solution is changed to grow the amethyst precursor. Another synthetic citrine of lighter color. The spot where it was suspended is still visible and the seed is just visible in the left view.
Blue quartz cut by author - hexagonal barion cut. Blue quartz cut by author - petal cut. 12mm - 6.6 ct Blue quartz cut by author - small portuguese cut. 10mm - 3.45 ct
Blue quartz cut by author - authors design cut. 13mm-5.6 ct Blue quartz cut by author - square barion cut. 12mm - 6.3 ct Green quartz commercial step cut. 11x13 mm - 7.4 ct
Green quartz commercial oval (pineapple back) 13x18mm - 10.8 ct