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Mineral: sugilite
Gem: sugilite (aka: sugelite, luvulite (trade name))
Cut: custom cab(s)
Origin: South Africa
General Info: Named after the discoverer in1944, Ken-ichi Sugi. It is not often crytalline, but found in massive formations. Its distinct coloration (often an orchid color) red-purple make it desirable as a cut stone. It was not discovered in sufficient quantity for gem use until about 1975 in South Africa. Commercializaton was in 1979.
Additional Information
Sugilite is usually an opaque magenta-red-purple stone and often mottled. The very highest quality is sometimes translucent (much like good jade or chrysopraise) and it sometimes called a "gel". This is due to its physicl appearance and not its structure.

These two stones cut by the author on a faceting machine.