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Mineral: spinel
Gem: spinel
Cut: ovals & siple square cuts
Origin: unknown
General Info: The name may come from the Greek word for spark because of its red color, or might be attributed to the French word "spindle" suggestive of it's sharp angles, or from the Latin "spinella" meaning "little thorn". It is a mixed magnesium-aluminum oxide whereas ruby is just aluminum oxide. They have very different crystalline structures, but look much the same after cutting. For many years spinels were unknowingly (and sometimes knowingly) substituted for the more expensive ruby.
Additional Information
Spinels comes in a wide variety of colors, with the deep red or bright pink being quite desirable. Similar to "ruby red" and caused by the same element chromium.

The spinel-group is a series of minerals with the same general crystalline structure but widely different chemical compositions. The aluminum-magnesium spinel is the one most cut as gemstones. It comes in many shades of red, pink, lavender, blue, green, brown and black.

Spinel can be grown in the laboratory and synthetics are available.

The first stone is a purple-red spinel (native cut - hence pineapple back), the second is a highly included pinkish spinel and the last a suite of small native cut pink square spinels.

Pinkish spinel Pink spinel