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Mineral: scapolite
Gem: scapolite
Size: xx
Carat: xx
Cut: round
Origin: likely Brazil
Genral Info: Named from the Greek "skapos" meaning "rod" and "lithos" meaning stone. This was due to its crystalline structure which was often a thin elongated crystal
Additional Information
The gemstones are usually yellow or pale pinkish-purple, but occasionally blue. The most highly prized are the purple and blue stones. Most of the yellow stones come from Brazil, and the purple and pink from Russia and Burma.

It has a hardness (about 6) less than quartz , and a similar refractive index (1.54 - 1.6) and is thus not highly sought after as a gemstone. There are better yellows in the citrine family. It is found mainly in gemstone collections and not that often in jewelry.

These are two native cut stones. Reasonably well cut on the tops, but poorly cut bottoms (pavillions). Typical "pineapple cut" pavillion to maximize weight.