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Mineral: quartz
Gem: tiger eye (aka: crocidolite)
Cut: cabochons
General Info: The name is derived from the German "quarz" of uncertain origin. It was called "krystallos" by the Greeks, but this later became the generic term for crystal.
Additional Information
Tiger eye can be yellow, red, blue or green. It may also be varigagated between two or more colors. Yellow tiger eye can be heated to produce the red coloration.

The red varies from fairly stronr red to various shades of brown, and is likely due to furhter oxidation of the iron when it is heated. It may also be varigated showing both red and yellow.

The top is a small commercial cut round cabochon. The next two stoneswere cut by the author and contain both the red tiger eye and some ofthe blue tiger eye in composite stones.