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Mineral: quartz
Gem: citrine
Size: 12x12 mm
Carat: 8.9 ct
Cut: checker cut
Origin: Brazil
Genral Info: The name is derived from the German "quarz" of uncertain origin. It was called "krystallos" by the Greeks, but this later became the generic term for crystal.
Additional Information
Oro Verde citrine to be more accurate. This stone may have been heated or irradiated depending on where you get your information. One thing is clear ... Oro Verde citrine is enhanced one way or the other. The first story that I heard said it was created by heating some smokey quartz crystals. I purchased some rough crystal with phantoms that look like smokey quartz. The material come from Brazil and is a pleasing light yellow to yellow-greenish color.

This stone cut by the author using a pattern from one of the Vargas books. It's a nice material and available in larger sizes.

For excellent information on heat treatment of gemstones:

The pictures below the diagram show the original rough.

Two pieces of Oro Verde rough - they were polished crystals as purchased. The above checkerboard cut stone was made from the top of the left stone. This is a side of view of the second stone and the "phantoms" are visible in the lower 1/3 of the stone.
Here is a side view of the left stone, and you can see phantoms in the bottom of it too. I would guess that the stone was heat treated and originally smokey quartz.