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Mineral: quartz
Gem: ochoco lace agate (cryptocrystalline)
Size: 38x38 mm & 18x52 mm
Carat: 85+ ct & 57+ ct
Cut: cabochon
Origin: Oregon
General Info: Agate (achates) was named from the river Achates, now the Drillo, in Sicily, where the stone was first identified. It is cryptocrystalline quartz (micro crystals) usually with a banded pattern (although not always).
Additional Information
Ochoco Lace is a variety of tube agate. It comes from the Ochoco Mtns. in Oregon. It forms tubular to moss like structures in a translucent agate base. The tubes or moss can be white or green in color. Since it is a white agate in a clear to milky base I like to use a colored backing material, either green or black jade.

The two cabochons shown were cut by the author and I used a thin slab of green jade as backing, making both into doublets.

Ochoco lace closeup Ochoco lace closeup