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Mineral: quartz
Gem: stinkingwater plume agate (cryptocrystalline)
Size: 43x51 mm & 35x48 mm & 29x53 mm
& 34x38 mm
Carat: 127+ ct & 99+ ct & 71+ ct
& 57+ ct
Cut: cabochon
Origin: Oregon
General Info: Agate (achates) was named from the river Achates, now the Drillo, in Sicily, where the stone was first identified. It is cryptocrystalline quartz (micro crystals) usually with a banded pattern (although not always).
Additional Information
Stinking water plume agate is from Stinkingwater pass (Stinkingwater Mtn.) in Oregon. It usually shows nice white plumes in a translucent base. It is a vein agate and not found in nodules.

All of these stones cut by the author. The stinkwater plumes tend to be white or cream colored and nice formed but often crowded. The surrounding agate may gave holes or crystal vugs as seen in stone 1 and 4. The first two stones are framed with black agate.

Closeup of first stone plume Closeup of third stone plume