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Mineral: olivine
Gem: peridot
Size: 5 mm x 6 mm
Carat: 0.5 ct & 0.7 ct
Cut: faceted oval
Origin: unknown
General Info: Peridot has been mined on St. John's Island (known in Arabic as Zibergit) for more than 3000 years. At one time it was known as Topazion and the gem was topazos. Now the name topaz is given to an entirely non-related gem. Peridot may be from the Arabic, "faridat" which means gem.
Additional Information
These two stones were sold as a "matched pair". From the top they look very similar, but from the side they are obviously native cut stones with very different depths. The stone on the right has much better light return than the one on the left. The left stones pavillion was cut well below the critical angle and much of the light is lost creating a "fish-eye" effect.