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Mineral: malachite
Gem: malachite, azurite, chrysocolla & hematite
Size: 12 mm x 17 mm
Carat: 7.9 ct
Cut: facetted cabochon
Origin: cut by author
General Info: The name derived from the Greek word "malache", meaning "mallow" in reference to its green color or "malakos", meaning soft. Easily damaged by acids like all carbonates, and when subjected to heat it turns black. Azurite: named from "azure" meaning "blue".
Additional Information
Associated with many copper mines are mixtures of minerals that include (but are not limited to) azurite (dark blue), malachite (green), chrysocolla (light blue), cuprite (brown) and hematite (black). These mixed stones are often cut into nice cabochons with varried patterns and from many locales. Much of the material comes from the southwestern United States. This material may also contain shattuckite. It was sold under that name in the 1970 from Fire Mountain Gems (then of Hollywood Ca.)