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Mineral: spodumene
Gem: kunzite (pink)
Size: 14 x 7 mm & 11x8 mm
Carat: 4.0 ct & 3.65 ct
Cut: elongated ovals
Origin: unknown
General Info: Spodumene is from the Greek, "spodoumenos", which means "burnt to ash" alluding to the grey color of early specimens. Kunizte was named for George Frederick Kunz, a New York jeweler and the first to describe the pink variety.
Additional Information
These are two native cut kunzite stones with the typical pineapple cut pavillions. They are both good to excellent color but only average cut with some fisheye visible in the crown main facets. Kunzite tends to form in long tin crystals and hence elongated ovals are a common cut.