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Mineral: feldspar
Gem: sunstone
Size: 8.5 mm
Carat: 1.85 ct
Cut: round
Origin: Dust Devil Mine (Oregon) - link to mine
General Info: The generic term "feldspar" comes from the Germanic term "feldt spat", meaning "mineral with prominent cleavage from the field". It was a prime constituent of many of the rocks over turned by farmers while plowing their fields. The feldspars are made up of three fundamental members and a wide number of chemical mixtures.
Additional Information
This stone displays a preferred method of cutting sunstone rough. The color area is located in the bottom pavillion of the stone. This dispereses the color throughout the entire stone when viewed from above.

The second photo (side of stone) shows a clear area between the crown (top) and pavillin (bottom) of stone. From the top the stone appears to be uniformly peachy in color.