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Mineral: feldspar
Gem: sunstone
Size: 9 mm x 11 mm & 6 mm x 7 mm & 7mm x 9 mm
Carat: 2.45 ct & 1.1 ct & 1.9 ct
Cut: oval(s)
Origin: unknown
General Info: The generic term "feldspar" comes from the Germanic term "feldt spat", meaning "mineral with prominent cleavage from the field". It was a prime constituent of many of the rocks over turned by farmers while plowing their fields. The feldspars are made up of three fundamental members and a wide number of chemical mixtures.
Additional Information
Sunstone get's its coloration and glowing effect from small, shinny particles suspended in the feldspar. The cabochon grade usually has no layering of particles, but rather an even distribution throughout.
Closeup photos of the material in the sunstone matrix which makes the schiller effect and imparts the sunstone's color.

These appear to be small pieces of copper metal suspended in the feldspar matrix.

Rocking the stones from side to side makes them appear to softly glow.