Digital Closeup Photography 2007

To the left is a slide show which illustrates some of the types of closeup photography that interests me. (5.4 MB in size)

The following presentation will show how many of the photographs are taken, how to select lighting, methods that reduce glare or "highlighting", and in general how "Digital Photography" is both similar and different to "traditional film photography".

It has some updated information from my previous descriptions and explanations of closeup work. And it contains several animations to aid in understanding digital photography.

There are a few over-simplifications to keep it manageable, but it is accurate if not overly technical.

I will eventually update this presentation again, and will try to add more about using the microscope in photography, but here I will be using mainly my macro lens. The emphasis here is more on lighting and set-ups. You will likely find several of the photos used here elsewhere on my WEB site.