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CloseUp Gallery Explanation

This gallery contains images which were created by focusing on a small portion of a larger object. The images show a part of the whole, but never all of it. They are representative of an area that is unique to the object or its class.

The first two photos provide enough information to identify the object. The third photo is the "answer" and clearly shows the identity of the object.

The first image is (in my opinion) the more difficult to interpret by itself. This is the first image presented, and it is used to select the second. The second image was taken from the same object, and is the "HINT" image.

The "HINT" image may be the same area as the first, but shot at a different angle. Or it may be a shot from a different part of the object.

The "HINT" image is then used to click through to the final object , and provides the identity.

The first image is automatically displayed, putting the mouse over the first reveals the hint. Clicking down on the hint reveals the answer.

First Image