GIF Animation - Disposal Methods 2

Dispose to

Dispose to

The first frame has transparency off, and the following 4 frames have WHITE selected as transparent in both sequences.

Method 4
Frame 1 is shown but has "NO Disposal" selected. Frame 2 then is place onto Frame 1, when Frame 2 is disposed (it is set for Dispose to Background) it removes itself AND Frame 1. Frames 3, 4, and 5 are then displayed and disposed to Background.

Method 5
Frame 1 is displayed, then Frame 2 is placed on Frame 1 (Frame 2 disposal is set to Previous), Frame 1 reamains when Frame 2 is disposed. As Frame 3 is added it overlays Frame 1, and again Frame 3 is disposed as Frame 4 is added, but Frame 1 remains through all itterations.

Method 4 - mixed

Method 5 - mixed

Frames follow a set event sequence:

1.) they appear
2.) for fixed duration
3.) then are disposed

Disposal methods provide a difference in the animation when they are varied within a sequence.

They may effect more than just the one cell being disposed depending on the method.


Dispose to Background removes the current frame and all Frames below (earlier in sequence) regardless of previous methods.

Disposal to Previous removes the current frame, and any frames below (earlier in sequence) not set earlier to a No Disposal method.

Frames used in the two animations.

Transparency is shown in each frame as it is set in the animation.

DIsposal is set to No Disposal for frame 1, and to the method being demonstrated in each of the others.

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